Plasma Technology for Advanced Devices

Clarycon provides frequently updated RSS newsfeeds on plasma technology and advanced devices. The feeds are automatically generated by Click here for the link to the Clarycon news channel.

What is RSS ?
RSS is a format for syndicating news and websites that contain frequently updated information (newslike websites). RSS stands for "really simple syndication" and is a dialect of XML, a markup language for documents containing structured information. There are several versions of RSS. The original RSS, version 0.90 was developed by Netscape. Userland Software developed version 0.90 into versions 0.9x which are now replaced by version 2.0. A third, non-commercial group, the RSS-DEV Working Group designed another format, 1.0, also called RDF.

What software is needed to receive RSS newsfeeds:
RSS newsfeeds are gathered by RSS-aware programs, so called RSS news readers. Here is a list of websites that sell or offer free news readers:
Amphetadesk from (PC and Macintosh)
NetNewsWire from Ranchero Software (Macintosh)
Radio UserLand (PC and Macintosh)
NewsGator (PC)

These programs serch the web for updates of subscription sites. Only the headlines and a timestamp are typically displayed by the news reader. By clicking at the headline, the website with the posting can by viewed. These programs can automatically scan hundreds of websites and hence safe a lot of time that would otherwise spent with browsing the web.

How to "subscribe" to RSS newsfeeds:
In order to include certain websites into your scan for news, you need to "subscribe" to a RSS enabled website. This is simply done by copying the URL of the RSS containing page (like this one for Clarycon: into the subscription window of the RSS newsreader.

Where to find newsfeeds:
Websites with RSS newsfeeds can be recognised by the orange "XML" logo. There are several sites that feature directories with RSS enabled sites: is a directory of thousands of syndicated feeds from around the world.
NewsIsFree provides a service which allows you to build custom RSS feeds.
Daypop is a weblog search engine, indexing over 14,000 sites every day. Includes the Daypop Top 40, a list of the 40 most popular articles of the day.
MyRSS provides feeds for sites which don't publish their own feeds. Free channels are updated daily, and sponsored channels are updated more frequently.

Links to websites featuring RSS and XML information:

Links to websites featuring science related RSS feeds:

iTunes Music Store RSS feed generator

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