If you own a small bathroom, it may be challenging to carve out an extremely functional area that looks great at the same time. However, with some smart design tricks, you can actually make your small bathroom feel and look more spacious, which transforms it into the relaxing, practical, and beautiful space that you have always wanted. Here are some of the tips to consider: 

Seamlessly transition between materials 

The answer to making your small room appear larger is to make a more expansive and cleaner look. This is simpler when you utilize similar materials wherever possible. For instance, utilizing similar flooring in the shower and the entire space as well. The more it can make the impression that the room is divided into various parts, which can only make your room look even smaller.  

Install tiles toward the ceiling 

As much as possible, the tiles of your bathroom should have similar tiles towards the ceiling. This way, you won’t have horizontal dividing lines on your walls. This can assist in opening up space by providing the impression that you have a higher ceiling.  

Your walls and ceiling should be painted with similar color 

Painting your walls and ceiling with the same color can continue the perfect appearance all over the whole room. When you actually want a contrast, you need to go for a slightly lighter shade to be applied for your ceiling. Ceilings usually look darker compared to the walls because of how the light is reflected. Thus, painting them slightly lighter can cause it to have a more unbroken effect.  

Go all white 

Bathrooms that are all colored in white are timeless and won’t go out of style. Moreover, they have the extra advantage since it helps make space appear larger thanks to the capability of white color to reflect light better than any other color hues. While almost all bathroom fixtures are white-colored, this can make a more unbroken and seamless appearance all over the space as well.  

Have a unified color for everything if possible 

Utilizing several varying patterns and colors in your bathroom can only make the area look cluttered because it basically splits up the room, causing it to appear and feel smaller. But if you use one light color applied all over the room, it will help open it up and making it look as if it has brighter and larger space.  

Allow plenty of natural light 

Typically, small bathrooms can look dark. Natural light can make a small room appear brighter as it opens up space, hence, making it look larger. If your bathroom just has a small window, install a solar tunnel or skylight to bring in more natural light. Or you can have a translucent window shade to allow light to come in while securing your privacy at the same time. 

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